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“Turn right by the building with the flags…”

After a week of Metz under our belts, pretty much all of the GTL crowd was ready to make a big weekend trip.  I decided to tag along with some friends who were planning on going to Brussels and Brugge, … Continue reading

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“Yo, smell my cheese”

France is pretty well-known for its wine, baguettes, and cheese.  Well let me tell you… I can get a wheel of good cheese (roughly 4 in diameter), a meter long baguette, and a bottle of wine for a total under … Continue reading

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Santé to New Experiences

I’m an organizer.  Just ask my roommate, Carly.  So after such an eventful trip over to Metz, all I wanted to do was get settled in my room.  So after unpacking all of my stuff, it was time to go … Continue reading

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Let the Adventures Begin!

I don’t fly a whole lot.  Really, I don’t even travel very much.  So starting my flight out of the Raleigh/Durham Airport with a final destination of Metz, France all by myself was a little nerve-wracking.  My flight to Newark … Continue reading

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