Venezia… land of the never ending puddles

Our adventures in Italy started out with a bang.  Our train was supposed to leave around 11:15 ish, so we had called a cab to come take us to the train station at 10:30.  Calling cabs in France is a bit of guesswork, since you have to talk to the people in French and they will sometimes talk back to you rapid fire, but we hadn’t had any problems before.  That night, the cab never came.  So we called another one.  Then we waited.  And waited.  Freaked out a bit.  And then waited some more before the cabs finally came.  We made it to the train station with 20 minutes to spare and made our way on the train to our room of couchettes (a little room with 6 beds in it to sleep in for overnight trains).  When we got to our room, there were all of these people in it!  We compared train tickets and sure enough we were all assigned to that room.  That’s when we realized… the nice train lady had given us tickets for the train the next night.

So we freaked out again.  Then we talked to one of the train workers who was really nice.  We explained our dilemma and he told us he would try to find us a room.  Luckily he found us a place, so our fall break plans were not completely disrupted.  When we woke up the next morning we were in Germany.  Shortly after we arrived (delayed of course) in Germany.  We waited for our next train and then took a 6 hour train to Venice.  When we got out it was raining, like it is supposed to for the entirety of our trip.  We took a boat bus (!!!) down the main canal to where our hostel was.  We checked in, and then went out for dinner.

We wandered off of the beaten path and ended up in an alley way that had authentic Venetian food… not that tourist shenanigans.  We ordered an array of different meats and pastas and shared family style.  The food was delicious!!  Black pasta is delicious.  I highly recommend it.  I can already tell that eating good food in Italy is not going to be a problem.  Afterwards, we wandered back to our hostels and turned in for the evening.  A full days worth of traveling can be quite exhausting.

The next morning when we woke up we found ourselves surrounded completely with water.  It had rained enough during the night that the canals had flooded and we had close to 8 inches of water blocking all of our exits from the hostel.  Lovely.  Good thing I had just bought some super awesome rain boots!  The same cannot be said for the boys.  Forrest took his shoes off, Jason was able to make it through most puddles in his duck boots, and I carried Charlie on my back.  People were taking pictures of us because we looked so goofy!  We were able to find a place that was selling rain boots/yellow plastic sacks that acted like rain boots after a bit, so the guys invested and we went on our way wading through Venice to go see the main square.

It was really quite bizarre because most of the stores were trying to pump water out, but some had just given up completely and were operating with 6 inches of water just chilling there.  It felt like we should have been evacuated, but apparently that is just business as usual in Venice.  It was certainly quite the experience.  After a bit of sight-seeing, we headed to the train station and took a train to Florence… where we are now!  I can’t decide if I want fall break to be as eventful as the past few days or not.  Goodness knows I’m already exhausted.  Ciao for now!  Pictures will come at the end of the break.


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