Santé to New Experiences

I’m an organizer.  Just ask my roommate, Carly.  So after such an eventful trip over to Metz, all I wanted to do was get settled in my room.  So after unpacking all of my stuff, it was time to go to Cora and get all of the things I couldn’t pack.

Cora is amazing.  It’s like Wal-Mart except bigger and better organized.  Need a haircut?  Oh, just stop by Cora.  Want a cell phone plan?  Cora has all kinds of options for mobile carriers.  Want some freshly baked baguettes, all kinds of meats, plates, or school supplies?  Well, Cora has all of that too.

I got all kinds of things at Cora.  Item number one, and the most important purchase, was a coffee maker.  Mostly I got food and dishes.  Oh, and a .39€ baguette.  A girls gotta eat.  The one bad thing about Cora is that it’s a 15 minute walk from my dorm.  I’m sure Forrest and I were quite the site walking down the side of the road with about 30 pounds worth of groceries and necessities each.  After stopping for a quick break on a bench by the sidewalk, we made it back.  Then I went on a cleaning and organizing binge.  Here is the final result!!

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2 Responses to Santé to New Experiences

  1. Garrett Stanley says:

    Is the baguette holding up the microwave? Looks like it! As a mechanical engineer, you should look into the buckling modes of baguettes!

    • Haha no… storage for food was limited. But I may have to look into that! I’ll have to test them after they have been out for different lengths of time because they get considerably harder after a couple of days 🙂

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