Prosciutto Wrapped Scallops

My dad and my sister are currently out of town, so my mom and I have decided to take full advantage of that.  After going to the beach today we stopped by a local seafood place to pick up some fresh scallops.  We decided on some prosciutto wrapped scallops and veggies.  It’s relatively easy to make.  Enjoy!

For the Squash:

Cube the squash and put it on a cooking tray

Drizzle on some olive oil and balsamic vinegar and add some sea salt

Cook in the oven at 400 for about 20 mins.

For the Scallops:

Cut the prosciutto into strips about 1.5 inches thick and wrap it around the edge of the scallops (you can also use bacon)

Spear the scallops with rosemary sprigs.  Use the sprigs to hold the prosciutto on.

Add lemon juice to olive oil while whisking to create an emulsion.  Add a little salt and pepper.

Put the scallops on the grill and add the lemon juice and olive oil mixture while they are grilling.

Take them off once they are firm and serve!  We also had some cous cous 🙂


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